Sports activities, especially football, is a great way to reach those young people who are not members of the youth project, particularly those who are at risk of negative influences such as crime, alcohol, drugs and antisocial behaviour.

Football Project

We’ve enjoyed great success with our football project over the years, spotting young adults with natural motivational skills and giving them the skills, confidence and qualifications to coach young people and lead them to success in competitions.

Young people learn discipline, team skills at the same time as improving health and fitness.

Our 10 week courses of football coaching/games offer young people positive sporting activity for a small contribution.  We hire a local artificial grass pitch in the spring and summer and a sports hall in the autumn and winter.  Young people receive fun coaching and are then split into small sided teams to play a coached match.  Our youth work staff are on hand to promote fair play and good sportsmanship.

Adventurous Sports

Enabling young people to experience risk and adventure in a positive way.  Enabling young people to grow in confidence by overcoming their fears and gaining accredited qualifications

Our 6 week Kayaking Course leads to the BCU level one qualification.  Young people get to learn the basics of how to paddle a kayak and complete a journey through local rivers and canals.

Our 6 week Climbing Course leads to the NICAS level one qualification.  Young people learn climbing skills using the excellent climbing walls at Reading Climbing Centre.

Youth Club Sports

As well as the table tennis and air hockey and pool tables, our Sports Leaders engage young people in numerous sports in the main hall including Dodgeball, Indoor Hockey, and Kwick Cricket.