Community Youth Project has a successful track record of reducing antisocial behaviour and juvenile crime/nuisance through provision of safe meeting space, positive sporting and adventurous activities and engaging young people in local democracy/decision making. Experience has shown us that our success is founded on the trust and support of parents and the local community, so we work in partnership with them too, and with local agencies to tackle issues which matter to local residents.

Our work is focused on the five core outcomes from the Children’s Act 2004.

Be healthy, Stay safe Enjoy and achieve, Make a positive contribution, Achieve economic well-being

Our work aims to instil the confidence, self-esteem and life skills necessary to avoid NEET categorisation, welfare dependency and crime.

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I’d like to thank Ian for making my youth such a good one.  He kept us lot out of trouble, god knows where I would be now if it wasn’t for him.

Sam, Former Member

Community Youth Project offers the only good, safe and easily accessible activities for children on the estate.

Tina, mother of children who live in the area & attend CYP activities

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