Youth Provisions and Holiday Activities

We know from our previous experience of delivering holiday scheme activities and running youth provisions over many years that young people benefit greatly from these activities. They are off the streets and are engaging in positive activities, which plays a beneficial impact in their communities and enables them to make positive choices and become active citizens.

Our holiday schemes mix of adventure, sport, leisure trips and art. We include courses leading to accredited qualifications. Members of our Young Leaders group work with us to plan the programme of activities. Since Community Youth Project has been working in Greenham we have seen a significant reduction in anti-social behaviour and juvenile nuisance. Giving the opportunity for young people to experience risk and adventure in a positive way helps divert them from negative influences. Giving young people the opportunity to engage in sport with professional coaches helps improve health, fitness, and expend their energy in a positive way. By engaging in sports and adventurous activities young people experience risk and adventure in a positive way. By gaining accredited qualifications young people gain self-confidence and self- esteem.

Our activities help young people from low income families do things which others may take for granted . Previously our wok was focused on Bishops Green and Greenham; however, we welcome and support young people of Newbury. Our programme is always developed with young people, aiming to encourage them to become active citizens. If a young person finds a particular interest or talent, we encourage and support them to further this as far as possible.