Outreach and Detached Youth Work

Outreach and Detached Youth Work is based around developing purposeful relationships with young people in public spaces such as parks, shelters or on the streets, away from the more formalised, and possibly threatening context of a youth centre. Community Youth Project workers engage young people through conversations which often leads to providing appropriate information and advice. We encourage the young people to access our provisions with the hope this gives them the opportunities to try new things and possibly seek an interest in an activity that they may continue in years to come.

Raft Project
Flinstone Car project

Community Youth Project is aware that these young people may be involved in or at risk of exploitation from gangs, often on the edge of County Lines drug trafficking or/and exploitation. Some engage in criminal damage to property, anti-sociable behaviour or tend to collect together in groups causing a nuisance to others within the community. Unfortunately often these young people may have had a difficult life experiences; including bullying, troubled family relationships, unemployment/economic hardship. Therefore Community Youth Project outreach work will offer support, guidance and listen to those who may need it the most; offering youth opportunities through our youth provisions by experienced and trained staff who are able to deal with various challenges.