Youth Council

Bishops Green Youth Council is open to any young people aged 13 and over who want to make a difference in their community.  Two representatives from the Youth Council sit on the Youth Project’s Management Group.

Over the years, members of the Youth Council have enjoyed great success:

 ·         The first generation of youth council members were instrumental in establishing and launching the Youth Room at Bishops Green which has proved to be the inspiration for improvements to the facilities for young people at The Nightingales and Pigeons Farm in Greenham.

·         The second generation of youth council members benefited from two residential training courses and gained the necessary skills to take things to another level, taking ownership of their Youth Clubs – planning and delivering their own programme of activities within an agreed budget.
·         Youth Councillors campaigned to match the improvements for younger children at Beech Road Open Space with improvements for older children and young people, choosing design and equipment options for the Beech Road Open Space Project.
·         Members of the Youth Council linked up with young people in France who have also live in a community that is in the midst of regeneration work.  When planning the week when we hosted the French young people, Youth Councillors put together the programme of activities working with the given budget.

The current generation of young people are keen to see further improvements to Beech Road Open Space, that are now possible since the builder’s compound has been vacated.

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